Frameless Shower Screen Pros And Cons

Frameless shower screen

Frameless shower screen in Melbourne is shower screen that are included on most glass boards. Frameless shower screens incorporate shower screens that are completely encased, as well as glass boards that are unsupported. Frameless shower screen doors are extremely present-day, exquisite, and give the deception of more space inside your washroom.

Which parts make up Frameless shower screens?

Frameless shower screen is formed of a blend of the accompanying; glass boards, turn pivots, as well as wall channels or sections. The glass is the biggest part and different pieces keep intact those glass boards to encase the shower screen doors. Silicone is utilized to accurately tie down the field glass to the ground and cover it.

Frameless glass shower screens

The glass in our Frameless shower screen is 20mm Toughened Safety Glass. 20mm Toughened security glass implies the glass is 20mm thick and has gone through the hardening system. This guarantees primary strength and well-being, which is fundamental in your restroom. Hardened glass is float glass that has been handled through hardening (as the name proposes, it makes the glass ‘harder’). The hardening system is where the glass is warmed and cooled so that it brings about the glass being 5-6 times more grounded than the customary strengthened (float glass) of a similar thickness.

Frameless shower screen is planned so that there are little holes between the glass boards. Glass can’t bang into other glass boards, particularly in a shower screen where entryways need to move to open and close. Assuming the glass was facing other glass boards the probability of breakage increments. These holes take into consideration ideal working and the diminished chance of breakage. Having these little holes in the glass can bring about some little water spillage onto your washroom floor. Sections and pivots keep each of the bits of glass intact to encase the shower screen doors.

Pros and Cons of Frameless Shower Screens


  • Specially crafted to the elements of your washroom (we use no pre-manufactured boards)
  • Grade A Security Hardened glass, 20mm filled to guarantee the highest security to your loved ones
  • Gives you a vast expanse feel, and consistent shift focus over to your washroom
  • Incredible Function
  • Low upkeep and simple to clean
  • These are our top-notch shower screen doors, and the venture is of matching cost.


  • On the off chance that the glass breaks it is intended to break and the glass is challenging to get
  • Little holes in the glass boards might bring about some negligible water spillage
  • No cruel synthetics are to be used on the shower screens or glass – prescribed to simply use vinegar and water

Realizing this data can help while settling on which shower screen you might want to pick, or which shower screen doors will be ideal to address your issues.