Strategy For The Future

Within the livestock industry globally pigs have become a high income earner. The delicious taste and the growing capabilities have created a market for this meat item which is considerably increasing. When looking at the global pig industry, the Netherlands have played a crucial role in its development, setting standards and bringing the meat to its current reputed state.

Facing challenges

The pig industry in the Netherlands is a forerunner for setting standards in the process of producing fresh pork for the rising consumer demand. They are known for using advanced technology and livestock management practices that allow for safe and healthy meat production. Industry reports indicate that this level of standards have been achieved by operating in very challenging conditions. Netherlands is not a large country however the industry has been able to develop an innovative business by pushing boundaries to allow the general population and pig farming to take place in a small surface area. With a surface area of only 42,000 km², the industry has had to adopt in many ways to thrive. This in many ways has led to their advantage.


Responding to consumer demands and adherence to industry standards has led Holland pork to be considered some of the best in the market to this day. However this has not come easy. The industry has been able to maintain these standards for many years mainly due to development of quality schemes & animal production surveillance systems. These systems consistently monitor all forms of pork production starting from the livestock feeding methods, veterinary care, hygiene, animal welfare and food safety.  A cross exchange of information and tracking enables the governing bodies of the industry to monitor if any prohibitive or threatening items are fed to the animals in any form as well.


Although a thriving industry, its future in the Netherlands is in question due to many reasons. The continuity of farming is also in doubt as many children don’t want to be a pork supplier or a pig farmer in the future. They opt for better jobs and city life. Changing consumer demands and actions of other players in the supply chain has increased the need for the industry to take quick and smart action if the industry is to be profitable and sustainable in the future. There is much to do starting from creating an action plan to produce better in a smarter way and to do things differently.  The farmers need to work together to develop a cohesive approach so that they can maintain profits, while continuously communicating the quality aspect of the production process to customers.

If the process is managed in such a way this industry can be considered a major earner for the country for years to come.

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