Kinds Of Slip Resistant Stair Treads And Their Applications

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Slip resistant aluminium stair tread help to make work environments and networks more secure. By ensuring the right tread material is indicated alongside the fitting all-over tread inclusion, it is feasible to decrease the gamble of slipping on stairs enormously. Stair treads Brisbane can be utilized in indoor and outside applications going from modern offices to waterparks. Peruse on to dive more deeply into the sorts of slip resistant stair treads PSI offers and how they can be utilized for applications like yours.

Bar Grinding stair treads

Serrated bar grinding stair treads are designed explicitly to offer security against sneaks through regions like outside flights of stairs and open-air sports offices, for example, arenas. Downpours, snow, ice, or spills can make flights of stairs in these settings become elusive and perilous for observers. Bar grinding slip resistant aluminium stair tread are many times used to make these settings a more secure spot for fans where they can partake in the game and effectively come to their seats.


  • Adaptable and sturdy
  • Custom sizes accessible
  • Standard checker plate nosing which gives expanded slip opposition
  • End plates with blasting openings so they can be welded to the finishes of stair treads Brisbane

Fibreglass Grinding stair treads

This kind of slip resistant aluminium stair tread is ordinarily utilized at event congregations and water parks, as well as lodgings and resorts. Their consumption-resistant properties permit them to be utilized in applications where they are reliably presented to water and chlorine. You might see these stair treads Brisbane utilized for a flight of stairs to get to the highest point of a water slide.


  • Erosion resistant
  • Slip resistant stair treads with high-effect obstruction
  • Fire retardant
  • Non-conductive
  • Simple to introduce

Security Grinding stair treads

Security grinding slip resistant stair treads are the top decision for the majority of food handling, compound handling and water/wastewater treatment offices to decrease mishap rates. They furnish a more secure strolling working region with a serrated surface that gives the greatest slip security in all circumstances and toward each path.


  • Open precious stone example, this takes into consideration the seepage of liquids through the grinding
  • Accessible in stirred steel, carbon steel, tempered steel, and aluminium

The most effective method to Introduce Slip-resistant stair treads

Slip-resistant stair treads are a great method for working on the security of your stairs. Introducing slip resistant aluminium stair tread is simple and should be possible all alone or with the assistance of an expert. All you want is a few fundamental instruments, like a drill, screwdriver, and estimating tape. While introducing slip-resistant stair stairs, it’s vital to gauge your stairs cautiously and pick the right size for your stairs. When you have the right size, you can connect the stair treads utilizing screws or fasteners. Contingent upon the kind of stair treads in Brisbane you pick, you may likewise have to involve cement or twofold-sided tape to appropriately get them. With the right materials and instruments, introducing slip-resistant stair treads is speedy and simple!