How To Help Your Children Achieve More

As parents your main objective is to see your children become better citizens by completing their education successfully and following their desired career. Education in today’s world is quite different to what we as parents were used to. Teaching and learning techniques and methods have improved with time. The role of the student has developed and expanded with the teacher becoming more of a facilitator.

Get Acquainted With the New Techniques of Learning

Earlier, a teacher explained a certain topic, probably gave some notes to write down, and gave homework on it. Now it has become a teacher’s job to explain and encourage students to find more details rather than give notes. And present-day students possess a vast array of information fountains, with the birth of the World Wide Web. Students can use the internet for subjects such as Math, Science and even English language eLearning.

 Prior-learning is another technique that is also used commonly now. Students practice what is known as “flipped classroom learning”, sort of a role reversal, or “flipped roles”, where student gets to know what is going to be taught on the next day and they prepare by reading more about the topic online.

 Innovative Methods of Teaching

Design thinking is another method that is innovative. It uses “case studies” or a story-like scenario to demonstrate a learning point. This is very effective as children will find it easier to keep the lesson in mind with a story attached to it.

 A related method is creative teaching and learning. A topic can be explained with drawings, pictures and the like. This also makes an effective method as students will remember colourful points more than just plain text. With the technological developments today, more and more schools turn to audio visual teaching methods, too. Techniques such as educational videos and interactive audio tools have proven to be much more successful than day-to-day classroom teaching.

 Of course one of the main methods used now is the internet and e learning. However some parents still believe in face-to-face methods when the children are quite young, and use extra classes’ for instance English grammar tuition for primary school. It is of course the choice and the ease of parents and students to choose either option.

 As a philosopher once said “the best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see”. Therefore a teacher’s job is to guide a child rather than tire them with too much information. As parents it is your responsibility to show them how to use the guidance to the betterment of the student, to achieve the objectives of their lives.

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