Enjoying Your Vacation To The Fullest

There are those who may be facing a blank wall but find ways to amuse themselves and make the best of the situation. Then there are those who find fault everywhere in everything. If you have this problem, then maybe it is time to change the way you do things a bit. If you go on a vacation and find yourself unable to enjoy the sites and experiences, you may be suffering from an inability to enjoy. Here are some tips to help you do so.

Psych Yourself Up

Ever seen an ‘up guy’ at a concert? That’s the person who creates hype among the crowd before the main headlining singer comes on, or yells motivational phrases at the crowd to whip them up if the energy is sagging in the middle of a song. Before going on a trip, you need to be your own up guy. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself, “Alright, the trip is happening. I’m going to Lombok resorts tomorrow and it’s going to be a good trip” or something to that effect in your own words. If you need to, you can remind yourself of all the reasons why you’re looking forward to this trip. Do this every morning when you wake up and every night before you sleep, in front of the mirror, outlining your day to come. You will subconsciously start to be more enthusiastic each day.

Put Away that Phone

Don’t worry so much about recording the trip for posterity. The after view is never going to be as good as the IRL experience anyway, and if you are thinking about bringing back pics for your family and friends, remember that they have the internet to browse around for pics if they are interested. These days pictures are more about ego trips than anything else, and if you are busy taking pictures of all the villas and resorts in Indonesia you see, then when will you have time to immerse yourself in their calming atmosphere, swim the infinity pools and sample their cuisine? The moment you put away that phone you will feel yourself relaxing, and after a while you will even forget that you need to take pictures. Don’t deny yourself a few quick snaps of something pretty, but if you reach for the phone and not the fork when your food arrives, then you definitely have a problem.

The next time you go on a trip and you feel a bit blue about the whole thing, look into the mirror and speak so that your soul can hear you. And put away that phone. NOW!

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