4 MacBook-Pro Defects And How To Fix Them

The branding game of apple was always top notch. Today, whatever they come up with, the world is willing to accept them with all their hearts. MacBook-Pro was one such products that was launched not so long ago. Millions of people worldwide use them to make their lifestyles easier. But just like any other electrical item, they have a fair tendency of malfunctioning too. Amongst these malfunctions, there are ones that are too common.

Here are 4 such common MacBook malfunctions and how to get them fixed!

  • Battery failures

Battery is the powerhouse of your Apple device. Hence, it is vital that its condition is at a good level and is a common problem. If you sense that the battery is off, you need to check for three criterion which can be accessed at ‘About this mac’. There are,

  1. Full charge capacity
  2. Cycle count
  3. Condition

If either the cycle count is under 300, or the full charge capacity is under 3000, there could be a problem. The best solution is to invest on a good macbook pro repair Singapore to get it fixed or replaced.

  • SuperDrive malfunctioning

Although sometimes DVDs and CDs get stuck, it is not the probable problem; the part itself could break. This can be identified if the drive doesn’t accept a disc, it won’t come out although you hear that the drive is rejecting it. This is one of the occasions where a good macbook pro repair is a must. As long as your service provider is reliable one, it won’t be much of a problem.

  • Inability to wake up from sleep

There is a simple procedure that goes level by level; push the power button. If it’s no good, close the lid and open it up again. Try attaching a power adapter because sometimes being in low power, the device can refuse to wake up. Your last resort is pressing and holding the power button, which should work.

  • Hardware malfunctioning

Being resulted due to external issues such as overpower provision, getting dropped and so on, hardware problems necessarily need professional attention. It could be a bad sector in the hard, a problem in the VGA or RAM… it needs to be checked and fixed by professionals very necessarily.

Taking care of your MacBook isn’t so hard. It’s a matter of common sense mixed with acquiring professional advice when needed. Diagnosis of these issues can be done even by platforms like YouTube, but you should never ever try to do what experts do. You just might end up destroying it as whole.

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